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Pantheon Early Bird Tour Rome - Vatican Tour Company

Pantheon early bird tour

With this special VIP early morning tour, you will have the chance to see the Pantheon before the crowds, guided by a native speaking or official guide. Beware a hint of humour might lace the tour.

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View of the Saint Peter's Basilica's dome from inside

Basilica of St Peter Tour

After first exploring the Piazza San Pietro we enter the basilica, birthplace to the mightiest religious power and culture. Upon entering you will immediately be thrust into one of the largest and most inspiring churches in the world, where majestic artworks and incredible architecture are everywhere you look.

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Ostia Antica – Full Day Excursion

Excavations of the Republican port city of ancient Rome and its military base at the mouth of the Tiber river will come alive as we explore the legacy of a coastal Roman city whose busy daily life can still be experienced today.

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Sacred Catacombs 

Come and experience with us the awe of the sacred catacombs, the burial grounds of the early Christians in Rome whose numinous presence under the consulate roads of Rome continues to attract visitors and pilgrims from all over the world today.

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Tempio Maggiore di Roma, the largest synagogue in Rome completed in 1904

Jewish Ghetto Tour

A trip around Rome’s most historic neighbourhood, the Jewish Quarter, makes for a fascinating pastime. The medieval streets, narrow vincoli, charming boutiques, cafes and restaurants retain much of their old character.

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Early Rome – The Holy City

For centuries Rome has been a place of Christian pilgrimage, from the 1st century AD until the present age. Traces of the primitive Christian Church are found all over the city. On this unique itinerary we follow the development of the early Christian community with visits to Rome’s most sacred sites to see the art and architecture that pioneered the way for what became the Western World’s most powerful cultural heritage – the Papacy.

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