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* terms and conditions of use refers to the terms and conditions which regulate the use of this website by the user.
* services refers to the functions, devices, applications, information and other services accessible through this website.
* user refers to any person which accesses and/or utilizes this website.
* website refers to the “home page” and other pages characterised by the domain names VATICANTOURCOMPANY.COM, VATICANTOURS.CO.UK, VATICANTOURCOMPANY.EU, owned and managed by Alphapictures Ltd.
* material/s refers to any type of material or immaterial good which is rendered available through this website, including for example merchandising products, data, drawings, images, photographs, illustrations, descriptions, informative texts, films, audio files, music and sounds, services, software and other accessorial programs.
* content/s refers to messages, data, information, texts and other material including that of advertising nature.


In accessing, surfing or in any way using the website, the user agrees to comply by the terms and conditions of use and other dispositions and directives that the terms and conditions of use refer to as well as to any of their subsequent modifications. Where the user does not agree to be bound by the above, including any subsequent modifications, he/she must not access, surf or in any way use the website.
Alphapictures Ltd reserves the right to integrate or modify at its own discretion any of the dispositions contained in the terms and conditions of use including any disposition and/or directive that the website refers to.
The integrations and modifications will be effective with their publication on the website along with a notice of the modification and/or integration. The use of the website, subsequently to the publication of the above mentioned notice, will entail the users consent to comply to the modifications even if he/she has not taken vision of these modifications. Therefore the user must frequently read the terms and conditions of use in order to verify the new active dispositions in order to be aware of the terms and conditions which regulate the use of the website.

The Vatican Tour Company reserves the right to refer all clients to a “sister” or “brother” agency service on all tours and transport if they see fit on all booked Group tours. The sister or brother agency shall give at least an equal quality service to all Vatican Tour Company clients and the guides that are used by the Vatican Tour Company referral agency shall be approved as compliment to Vatican Tour Company rules and regulations.


Alphapictures Ltd grants a limited and not exclusive right of access to the website and to the materials contained within for non-commercial and purely informative personal purposes.
The license is conditioned by the users acknowledgment, compliance and respect of all intellectual property rights relative to the materials, as for example copyright, rights afferent to trademarks and other intellectual property rights or intellectual deprivation, owned by Alphapictures Ltd and of whom the customer doesn’t acquire any entitlement.
All the Materials of this Website are protected by the copyright defined by the expression “ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED” owned by Alphapictures Ltd and by its affiliates and/or Partners and/or of third party licensees.

Except for the present, no material can be copied, modified, reproduced, distributed, publicized, downloaded, rendered accessible to the public, diffused or transmitted in any form and through any means, without the prior written consent of Alphapictures Ltd or a qualified representative; nor may any notice, indicator of copyright or other type of patent contained in the materials be removed or altered.

The authorisation of use of the website does not include the faculty of selling, commercializing, distributing the contents of the website or create works and/or materials derived from the website materials, such as for example website framing activities, reproduction of client information of use to others and/or any type of data extraction and/or use of apparatus for the gathering and extraction of data contained in this website.
Alphapictures Ltd expressly prohibits the uploading on the website of user’s materials such as, for example, music, software, images and any other materials which constitute a violation of the intellectual property rights of third parties, except for when the user has obtained the necessary authorisations.


Alphapictures Ltd respects the intellectual property rights of third parties. Where the user deems that his/her work has been copied and uploaded on this website and that such actions constitute a copyright violation, he/she must provide the My Rome Experience Ltd responsible with the following written documentation:
* Signature, even digital, of the person authorised to act on behalf of the copyright owner.
* Description of the copyrighted work that the users deem to be violated.
* Indication of the exact position, within the website, of the copyrighted material that the user deems violated.
* Users declaration of good faith regarding the fact that the contested use was not authorised by the copyright holder, by the claimant or permitted by law;
* Users declaration that the above information is correct and that the user is the only copyright holder or that he is authorised to act on behalf of the copyright holder.


The user agrees to relieve and indemnify Alphapictures Ltd from any pretence; action, claim, loss or damage (included legal fees) put forward or proposed by third parties and which derives from the users conduct, from the violation of the conditions of use or third party’s rights.


The user is conceded a limited and not exclusive right to create a link to his/her website as long as this website does not represent Alphapictures Ltd or that one or more of his/her products and/or services does not represent Alphapictures Ltd in a false, defamatory, or misleading manner or in any manner which discredits Alphapictures Ltd. The user cannot use the logos or other graphic elements, such as Alphapictures Ltd marks, as visual link to the website, without the prior written consent of Alphapicturess Ltd. The authorisation of use can be revoked at all times.
The link will have to redirect to the homepage of the website and it has to be evident that the website and its contents don’t have any relation to the website which contains the link.

All requests for booking modifications/amendments must be directed to the Vatican Tour Company Sales Team, telephone +(44) 207 442 5778 or to bookings@vaticantourcompany.com

1.  Alphapictures Ltd does not charge a fee to amend or change the dates or times of an existing booking, as long as the request is received by our Sales team more than sixty (60) days ahead of your confirmed tour date.

2.   If you request a date/time change Alphapictures Ltd will attempt to honour your request; However Alpha Pictures Ltd cannot guarantee date/time change requests as all requests and amendments are subject to availability.

3.  For changes made sixty (60) days or less from your original travel date a penalty fee of €25 (twenty five euro) per person applies.
Alphapictures Ltd reserves the right to cancel, change or substitute any tour that you have booked at www.vaticantourcompany.com, at any time, for any reason.  In such cases, if you are dissatisfied with the alternatives offered, you are entitled to a partial refund of 50% of the original purchase price minus €25 (twenty five euro) per person up to 60 days before the date of the tour.


To ensure the professional service promised to our customers when booking with us – booked walking tours, booked transport, Guides, secured tickets & pre booked vouchers and eventually headsets,  are reserved, secured and paid in advance for the following policy (please read our terms and conditions carefully):

* Alphapictures Ltd accepts the following credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, processed through PayPal
* There is no charge or service fee for processing automatic booking system credit-card payments through our booking system, personalised manual made to measure tours and transport bookings card payments via Paypal may incur a 4% transaction fee.
* Full payment by credit card is required to make a reservation. Payment will be listed as ‘VTC’ on you PayPal statement.

* Cancelling a booking with Alphapictures Ltd can result in cancellation fees being applied by Alphapictures Ltd, as outlined below. When cancelling any booking you will be notified via email of the successful cancellation and cancellation fees incurred.

* Alphapictures Ltd enforces a forty (45) day refund policy on all booked tours of fifty percent (50%).
* Cancellations must be communicated via e-mail by using the following link: bookings@vaticantourcompany.com no less than forty (45) days in advance of the tour in order to receive a fifty per cent (50%) refund.
* All cancellations are subject to a cancellation fee of fifty per cent (50%) of the total charged per person for the booked tour all inclusive of tickets, prebookings, secured Guide and transport.
* No partial refunds will be given for cancellations made within forty (45) days of a tour.
* No partial refunds are available once a tour has commenced on the specific time booked.

*The Vatican Tour Company does not guarantee any refunds in cases of unforeseeable events, such as closures of sights due to demonstrations, strikes, bad weather conditions, renovations, acts of God nor imposed government actions & restrains that may affect the booking of a tour.

In case of the closure of sights, the Vatican Tour Company may be contacted to offer a substitute itinerary or reschedule your booking to a different tour option.

9) Alphapictures Ltd VOUCHERS

You will receive a Alphapictures Ltd Voucher for each tour booked. You must provide the original, authentic Alphapictures Ltd Voucher at the start of your tour. If you do not have your voucher you will have to present photographic ID i.e. Passeport


Under no circumstances will Alpha Pictures Ltd be liable for any of the following losses or damage (whether such losses where foreseen, foreseeable, known or otherwise): (a) loss of data; (b) loss of revenue or anticipated profits; (c) loss of business; (d) loss of opportunity; (e) loss of goodwill or injury to reputation; (f) losses suffered by third parties; or (g) any indirect, consequential, special or exemplary damages arising from the use of www.vaticantourcompany.com regardless of the form of action.
Alphapictures Ltd accepts no responsibility for any sickness, pilferage, labour disputes, machinery breakdown, government restrains, acts of war and/or terrorism, weather conditions, defect in any vehicle of transportation or for any misadventure or casualty or any other causes beyond their control. This is not limited to, but may include, a) the closure of venues which Alphapictures Ltd tours visits, where and when the closure of that venue is out of the control of Alphapictures Ltd or where Alphapicturese Ltd is not notified by the Venue with ample time to notify the clients, which may be due to inclement weather, manifestations and protests or simply the last-minute decision of the venue. b) the inability of our tour to access certain monuments/areas and/or venues due to restrictions caused by excessive traffic, inclement weather, manifestations and protests or due to that area being restored/under construction or covered/obstructed from public view.


The invalidity or inefficiency of any disposition of the terms and conditions of use will not influence the validity or efficiency of any other disposition or part of disposition.


Alphapictures Ltd reserves the right, without notice, to withdraw from the terms and conditions of use and to prevent the user’s access to the website.