The ruins of ancient Rome will come alive as our expert guide unfolds the history, architecture, politics and intrigue of ancient Roman life in the city.  From Rome’s earliest development (10th  century BC) between the Seven Hills of Rome, through the Kings, Consuls and Emperors, we will explore the numerous ruins, temples, civic buildings, monuments and imperial dwellings along the way.


Individual Price: €95 per person 
Group Price: 
€570 per group (1-6 people)
 3 hours
Start Time: 7:30 am
Excludes entrance fees – 40 Euros per person (Special prices for children and students)

The legends and history of the Roman Republic and Imperial Rome will be relived through the ruins of the Roman Forum and Colloseum and up on the famous Palatine Hill, as we explore along the way the ingenuity of Roman builders and legislators, marvelling at the technological and political sophistication of an extremely advanced people who pioneered the greatness of the Western civilisation.