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Tivoli has been a popular summer resort for the Romans since ancient times; a favourite place to escape the chaos and heat of the Roman Summer. Emperors, poets and popes saw the little town of Tivoli on the slopes of the Tiburtini Hills become an arresting location for inspiration and peace.

Individual Price: €150 per person
Private Group Price:
€1000 per group (1-6 people)
8 hours

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The Romans' luxurious lifestyles revived in the Renaissance can still be seen at the most famous Villa d'Este with its spectacular fountains and Villa Gregoriana, a masterpiece of Italian Renaissance, both of which have become today vast open-air museums of the finest architectural landscaping in the Roman world.

Join us to discover the splendour and richness of this charming Roman town as we visit these villas and the historic Villa of the Emperor Hadrian, the largest residence of all the Roman Emperors with its picturesque gardens, sculptures and lakes reminding us of the glory of its past.

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We specialise in small group and private tours in and around Rome, including the Vatican and Sistine Chapel, all prices quoted exclude admission fees unless otherwise stated. All tours booked with us are guaranteed skip the line agency entrance and tickets are reserved by the Vatican Tour Company up front, to be reimbursed to our representative on the day.  The Vatican Tour(s) and most other tours benefit from being able to skip the lines, to help you fully enjoy your time in Rome. All of our tours are carried out in English however we can arrange private tours in other languages, for more information please contact us.

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