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St Peter Basilica

After first exploring the Piazza San Pietro we enter the basilica, birthplace to the mightiest religious power and culture.  Upon entering you will immediately be thrust into one of the largest and most inspiring churches in the world, where majestic artworks and incredible architecture are everywhere you look.

Individual Price: €45 per person
Private Tour Price:
€300 per group (1-6 people)
2.5 hours
Start Time: 2pm

Excludes Entrance Fees

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This edifice is arguably one of the most significant in the Christian world and it attracts visitors from every belief from all over the world. Major artworks will be seen in the Portico and its five bronze doors, here resides Michelangelo’s masterwork, the Pieta,  the throne of the apostle, the cathedral Petri, Bernini’s baldachino, Michelangelo’s colossal dome soaring 400ft above the high alter, the splendid papal funerary monuments, the monument to the last Stewarts and the chapel of the Baptistery.  We will also visit the Historical Artistic Museum and Papal treasury (Entrance included) to see some of the finest works of early Christianity.

Our tour ends with a visit to the Papal grottoes to see the tombs of the popes, bishops, martyrs, kings, queens and apostles, all of which pays a powerful testimony of those whose legacy continues to inspire people today.

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We specialise in small group and private tours in and around Rome, including the Vatican and Sistine Chapel, all prices quoted exclude admission fees unless otherwise stated. All tours booked with us are guaranteed skip the line agency entrance and tickets are reserved by the Vatican Tour Company up front, to be reimbursed to our representative on the day.  The Vatican Tour(s) and most other tours benefit from being able to skip the lines, to help you fully enjoy your time in Rome. All of our tours are carried out in English however we can arrange private tours in other languages, for more information please contact us.

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